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Patek Philippe Ladies’ Chronograph Ref. 7150/250R-001 Hands-On

In 2009, Patek Philippe Replica Watches launched the first women’s watch with integrated internal calibre CH 29-535 PS, numbered Ref. 7071. In the following year, this sport appeared on a men’s watch. In 2012, this watch is also the basis of a per minute chronograph with a perpetual calendar. In 2015, this watch is a calendar without a perpetual calendar. Countdown chronograph. But this movement will always be remembered as a woman’s chronograph. The first model has now been discontinued, replaced by a newly designed ladies chronograph, Fake Patek Philippe Watches number 7150/250R-00, which is the sports version of the 7071.

The 7071 has a cushion-shaped case and a round dial with diamonds in the corners; the new version, reference 7150, is round, with a pulsator added, replacing the Roman numerals and markers with Arabic numerals. May be a man’s Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches. The only thing that can be defined as a women’s watch is a diamond-encrusted bezel, I think it has its size. It is 38 mm by 10.59 mm thick. 7071 stopped production last year, I believe that I am not the only one who regrets not buying.

Having said that, I will not hesitate to replace the original female time with a new one. This is a more classic Patek, with a round case. No matter how much I like the 7071, its round dial is a cushion-shaped case, I can’t help but think of the Vacheron Constantin harmonograph. There is no similarity to the new Patek Philippe Replica Ref. 7050. This is pure Baitek. It is still a very feminine watch, even with a puller, which gives it a retro look, I like it. And it not only adds a feature, but even if you don’t use it, it gives the watch a more technical feel. What does it mean when you wear a watch made from a brand that is known for its technical excellence. I also prefer the Arabic font, which is the same as the female travel time reference 4864, although I usually prefer Roman numerals, such as 7071. There are fewer diamonds on the new 7150, they are placed on the border instead of the shoulders, at 7071. The setting of the border is more classic, although I like the location of the 7071, it makes it a smaller piece. New products may better retain their value.

The movement is the same. The manual winding diameter CH 29- 535ps has six patent innovations that represent a progressive improvement to the chronograph. In short, they are: 1. The gear drive gear profile is optimized to eliminate any delay jumps in the timing start/stop function. 2. The improved column wheel cap makes adjustment movements easier and more precise. 3. The improvement of the blocking lever makes the blocking/brake function simpler, faster and more precise. 4 is shown. A new component that promotes the instantaneous minute register means that there is no noticeable jump of the hand when the timing stops and restarts, even without a one second delay. 5. The re-made hammer sets the seconds counter to zero, allowing them to self-adjust, completely eliminating the need for watch manufacturer adjustments. 6. The hammer is fixed with two stones instead of one, so they operate more smoothly and accurately, without too much adjustment.

There are also innovations specifically for the rattrapante function. When the lap speed is stopped, a newly designed isolator separates the minute wheel from the chronograph wheel to eliminate unnecessary friction and prevent the balance amplitude from decreasing when the hand is fixed. There is a seconds-second lever for the ruby ​​wheel between the shoulders of the two straight heart cams to precisely align the stopwatch and the minute-second hand. As I mentioned, these are just a gradual improvement of the brand. The brand has the ability and expertise to adjust every detail of the sport, from true excellence to true excellence.

The new style is framed with 72 diamonds for a total of 0.78 carats. Retro details include slotted strap ears, a round guillotine, a box-style sapphire crystal, and a puller, which is an old-fashioned timer. It is 30 meters waterproof. The watch is priced at $839,200.

Patek Philippe Wants To Like You; Finds It So Difficult

A few days ago, I wrote an article about a new watch made by the Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches family. In other words, the reference price of 5960P is around $80,000. A beautiful watch, but why bother with such a expensive watch? For the money, everything is possible, right? Well, some people find themselves waiting for such watches, and others People, we just watch these watches with interest or strong desire. In any case, Patek Philippe is serious about its products in the United States, at least on paper. For Americans, the true message will be the preferred way to evoke our values, tastes and luxury.

In an interview with InSync Watch magazine recently, Patek Philippe’s father and son team revealed the working mentality behind the world’s top watch manufacturer. Philippe Stern and his son Thierry are in charge of a “family” business. This is no joke. Large manufacturers such as Patek Philippe Replica and Audemars Piguet are actually family businesses and are considered insignificant in terms of the number of employees.

“We want to respect people; we don’t want to be snobbers on our watches,” said young Thierry Stern. Thierry is the vice president of Patek Philippe Replica Watches, and one day he will take over from his father Philippe’s place. In the same interview, Phillips mentioned that “(American) people really don’t have the culture of exquisite watches.” At the same time, he also mentioned that the United States accounts for 25% of the market in Patek, the largest market. The difference in this statement is very strange, as if Patek had a disdain for the biggest market in the United States.

One clue to Patek Philippe’s attitude toward the United States may be why they think Americans are buying “good” watches. “Today (in the US), more and more business people are realizing that watches are a symbol of status and status,” explains Old Phillips. I don’t believe this is true. In Phillips’ view, the reason Americans buy watches is wrong. Not to appreciate or enjoy them, but to be merely a symbol of status. European watchmakers completed the design and production of watches with enthusiasm and serious interest. Resentment is inevitable when they realize that someone just buys their work for good looks without appreciating the taste or labor. Think of the emotional artist, who received an invitation from a wealthy buyer to add some paintings to their new house. Buyers may not have real interest in the artist or their art, but he believes that these art will look well over bare walls. The artist agrees because of the money involved, but perhaps not excited about the exchange.

Fake Patek Philippe Watches and others may feel this way for the US “new rich” who invest in status watches. However, this concept still has inherent flaws. Those who buy watches at other prices in other parts of the world are also rich, but they may have more cultural connections with watches or have “old” money. For Americans who want a “good” watch, the message here is: “Go learn to appreciate your own watch and come to us when you can afford a watch.” Patek should be a solemn Humble ways to educate and showcase their watches. Therefore, once they have the ability to buy such a watch, people will buy it based on appreciation rather than price.

The result is that Patek Phillipe is snobbish about their watches, mainly to cater to those who are already rich. Using their “private” meetings and sponsorship of elite events, they are protecting themselves from becoming a manufacturer of watches and art; becoming a luxury supplier of super-rich. Perhaps, when Thierry Stern takes over his father’s position, things will change. Other watch manufacturers have begun to recognize the importance of opening up new markets. In any case, Swiss Patek Philippe Watches still has an amazing collection of watches, and its long-lasting appeal is indisputable. I only know that if I can buy a Patek Philippe watch, I will buy it from a private buyer instead of an authorized dealer, just to show Patek Philippe how Americans enjoy good value for money. Because we know where to find them.

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