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Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 / 1R Watch Full Rose Gold Hands

The new 2015 Patek Philippe Watch is a referee called All Nautilus in 18k Rose Gold Edition. 5177/1R – more precisely, 5711 / 1r – 001, this is meat. Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches is a perfect and well-known brand with mostly conservative mechanical timers, listening to past and high auction results. And Patek Philippe Nautilus is not exactly a niche model because of its popularity, when I saw this new version of the high-end sports watch, I can’t help but think of myself, “Hundreds of Patek Philippe Nautilus look today?”

If you want to ask me the same question, I published a clear “no” answer in 2014. Throughout the theme, Patek Philippe is a classic look and traditional design. There are very few brand watches in modern sports. Yes, Ignore the presence of Nautilus for a while and its little brother undersea observers – look at the family of the remaining Patek Philippe Replica Watches. You will see a lot of long sleeve watches and not many people in Patek Philippe’s house. Then again, if you want to ask me the same question after Basel 2015, I might change my mind, but only a little. If you remember, Patek Philippe’s 5524 controversial Calatrava pilot travel time released the watch, although not modern, is actually a sports watch (although in 18k white gold).

Calatrava’s pilot time really made me very excited about Patek Philippe’s future products. One of the main reasons I respect is Patek Philippe, for so many years, their innovative brand watch in a group of cases, dialing, sports design. Today, Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches feels that more needs to be fixed in their designs, but you can still see a hint of inspiration. If I can have a wish for a clock, I will see a future Patek Philippe (by Patek Philippe).

So, when it comes to sports watches (especially gold sports watches), let’s talk about this 18k rose gold nautilus with “groovy” Brown gradient-colored dial. Nautilus 1970 s-tastic? Absolutely, fully appreciate the Nautilus experience, why not dial it period-friendly gradient? Fake Patek Philippe Watches originally introduced Nautilus in the luxury watch industry to high-end steel sports watches. This began with the Royal Oak like Audemars Piguet. Today, luxury sports watches are probably the most popular type of luxury watch – at least in the Western world.

When it comes to Royal Oak and Nautilus, these iconic designs have one thing in common – this is designed by Gerald Genta. It’s a shame that Gerald Genta died because I really liked the opportunity to talk to him today and ask him what he thought about his popular design in the 1970s. Few people talk about the post-Genta design, but what he did in the 1970s was mostly highly popular.

One question I asked myself was why. What is Genta obsessed with steel sports watches, non-round cases and integrated bracelets that are so good today? I am not sure, I know the answer, but I will continue to consider this, especially for brand watches in the past few decades. I have never thought of anything even for eternal and special remotes. At the same time, we really don’t know the popularity of modern watch production in recent past or future enjoyment of collectors and styles.

The original Gerald-Genta-designed Patek Philippe Nautlilus watches in steel, and since then, Patek Philippe, of course, produced different versions in gold. These models have more complex movements or leather straps. Nautilus 5711/1R with Patek Philippe Replica 2015, we get a full 18k rose gold bracelet and 40mm wide. The flank allows the nautilus to wear on a larger scale, but this is true. From a spatial point of view, the nautilus is not a big watch. Then again, the width of 40 mm does not consider the flank. The case is waterproof 120 meters.

The case details are very good and meet the expectations of Patek Philippe. Naturally, this means excellent finishing and polishing. In fact, one of the benefits of the Patek Philippe Nautilus principle is the excellent contrast polishing that you can appreciate in detail. Smaller completions or opportunistic tricks won’t cut it. One thing I admire is that Patek Philippe’s Nautilus is Patek Philippe, and the quality of the level is not so good.

Perhaps the most dazzling compliment to Patek Philippe, Gerald Genta, Nautilus is Apple’s watch in the hands of these signature apples. Clear and attractive, I still think that sometimes these hands are hot dog sticks. Only time and date, the basic Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 provides a core Nautilus experience although a more complex version exists.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus is an internal caliber C automatic mechanical movement of the 324s that produced only 3.3 mm thick from 213 years. Operating at 4 Hz and sport has a maximum 45-hour power reserve. While still basic, the sport has a very high level of finish you should expect from a Patek Philippe.

One of the most interesting elements of wearing a nautilus is a bracelet. Surprisingly slim and comfortable, the finished bracelet has a very unique style as well as a rare designer buckle style design with a relatively plentiful rest of the bracelet.

In rose gold, Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1r-001 is quite different from the steel version of Nautilus. It looks good, in a sense, a more “Penta Patrick’s Luxury” version than steel. Purists may complain that the reason for the absence of nautilus is gold, and there is nothing wrong with the steel version. But yes, purists complain about most things. If you want to exercise the experience of the most “rich” Patek Philippe watches, then you want a gold watch that you want to match with the gold bracelet. And the 18k rose gold Patek Philippe Nautilus is not for everyone, it is very expensive, it meets and offers an almost unbeatable level of style and prestige. The price of the Patek 5711/1r-001 Patek Philippe watch is $51,000.

Patek Philippe Twenty ~ 4®Replica White Dial Women’s Watch

Rose gold with delicate, gentle luster and delicate texture always gets the favor of many men and women. The slightly pink metallic luster brings more Asian skin than gold, . Patek Philippe elegant elegant Twenty ~ 4 ® series rose gold watch, so a soft spot for a rose gold ladies inevitably unable to stop, not only highlight the attractive charm, but also extraordinary style of elegance. The following watch editor brings you together Tasting Patek Philippe Twenty ~ 4 ® white white female form, enjoy the fusion of elegance and top watchmaking technology! (Model number: 4910 / 11R-011)

Exquisite craft unique and elegant
Although rose gold gives a noble atmosphere, but now the trend of rose gold has long been losing the momentum of the classic black and white, what is not suitable to take not match, as long as the right choice that is wild. A shortcut to enhance the fashion style is to wear a watch of their own temperament, then try full of rose gold charm charming Patek Philippe Twenty ~ 4 ® Replica white watch.
Rectangular “eternal white” dial, set with diamonds and gold time scale three-dimensional Roman numerals, will be bright and dazzling top Wesselton diamond modern taste and retro taste Roman numerals clever blend together, showing the other Kind of elegant temperament Simple square dial did not add too much modification, simple atmosphere of fashion watch for different occasions.

A dazzling diamond inlaid in 18K rose gold to create the crown, especially glittering and charming. After all, the diamond will get quite a lot of ladies love, so in the case of 18k rose gold inlaid with two rows of exquisite small diamonds, and dial two rows of bright diamond neatly arranged order to echo, highlighting the level The layout, elegant atmosphere blowing. Square case with round diamonds together, but also with the soft combination.

With a 30mm diameter this watch, from the side, the thickness of the best luxury replica watches happens to fit the female wrist, curved case design, feel the perfect touch of the watch and the skin. Case through the lugs seamlessly linked to the 18K rose gold to create the bracelet, do not mean to show the exquisite craftsmanship.

18K rose gold bracelet engraved Patek Philippe classic logo, also revealed that Patek Philippe has been worshiped philosophy of quality, abide by the principle of quality. Only one theme, the pursuit of perfection.
Folding clasp as part of a fixed strap, pick up the watch every day just the action of folding buckle play a role, do not have to worry about hurting the bracelet, watch off is very convenient.
Watch carrying Cal.E 15 model quartz movement, battery life up to 3 years. Inside the movement has 57 parts and 6 gems, this watch is water resistant to 30 meters.

Summary: The ultimate dream of many watch enthusiasts is to have a Patek Philippe watch, and a rose gold ladies watch reflects not only Patek Philippe noble artistic realm, but also the enduring brand GONDOLO series of another remodeling . Patek Philippe this white rose gold swiss movement replica watches, joined the different fashion taste, elegant, more noble, called the table in the beautiful. Domestic price: RMB 313200.

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