Patek Philippe released the original ref. 5270 watch in 2011, which we introduced here. I am usually not a major Patek Philippe watch enthusiast, but this model has done a different level for me. What I want to say is that if I have to choose a watch in the Patek Philippe Replica Watches collection, it will be a version of Patek Philippe’s 52.7 million calendar. Once you know that Patek Philippe includes this product in its “Grand Complex” series, its simple, straightforward appearance can be deceptive. Although this label mainly refers to the complexity of this sport, it also means that models of this type will not be available in retail locations because they are inherently difficult to buy. Standard Patek Philippe watches may be common, but the large and complex models of such watches are the most popular areas of collection.

So let’s take a look at three new 2014 Patek Philippe 5270 watches (one of which is 5271). The word “big complex” is not really defined, but I often use it to refer to a watch whose movement combines a timer, a perpetual calendar, and a time-sharing repeater. There is no such watch in the watch, so I don’t know what you will call it, but if Patrick wants to call it “a huge complexity,” no one will stop them. The true beauty of the Patek Philippe 5270 series lies in its size, case and dial design, and the super-readability that Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches is good at when it really tries, because it combines dial layout decisions and materials.

The watch is 41 mm wide and is the larger of the Patek Philippe watches. Most of the other watches in the Patek Philippe collection are more historical, smaller and less than 40 mm wide. This is the first “modern size” classic Patek Philippe watch, which appears on my radar, I like the feeling on the wrist. As a more fashionable watch, it looks really cute, and from the point of view of my taste, its wrist will not appear too small. I think Patek Philippe has found the best choice for a classic watch enthusiast here. They often think that Patek Philippe’s watches are not exciting enough and not modern enough.

The first Patek Philippe 5270 (5270G) in 2011 has a silver dial with black gold oxide hands and a very cool chronograph pen. Both of the 2014 5270G and 5271 models use more traditional platinum chronograph pens and hands, but the dialing clarity is still very good. Patek used a clever modification on his hand, for example, it was not very polished, nor shiny. What you get is a great level contrast with white gold, even with white dials. Small details like this are the reason why people often appreciate Patek Philippe watches, because these small details are the main part of the secret ingredients of high-end watches.

Take a look at the dials of the Patek Philippe 5270 and 5271 watches and you will find similar improvements. Patek Philippe Replica has been studying materials and perfect small elements for many years, but on the dial and information layout, you will find a lot of complexity. Here, the 12-hour chronograph is in harmony with the moon phase calendar. Patek Philippe set an adjacent window between 4 and 5 as an AM/PM indicator to balance the window showing the leap year. This not only adds extra complexity, but also creates a popular symmetry in the dial design.

Patek Philippe also continues to use the peripheral dial scale, such as the tachometer used in the 5270. No one uses this feature (it works with a timer to measure the speed of a moving object), but you can think of it as a useful relic in the past, giving the dial a sense of space and visuality. Brands such as Patek Philippe and Patek Philippe (it) are concerned that the design of the dial is not only balanced but also balanced in the position of the item. The dial should not feel that there is too much space in one area, and there are too many gaps in other areas. Patek Philippe is very good at ensuring that this type of harmony exists in the design of the dial.

Both models of the 2014 Patek Philippe 5270G are 18k white gold, while the 5271P is a platinum version. The white dial is Patek Philippe 5270G-013 and the blue dial is 5270G-014. Other gold versions of the Patek Philippe 5270 have not yet been released. I don’t quite know why the 5271 has a different name, but I can only assume that it has a lot of diamond decorations. While mechanical watch purists are often not interested in diamonds, Fake Patek Philippe Watches has a strong presence in many countries where customers are interested in the diamond decoration of their watches. Therefore, the Patek Philippe 5271P-001 platinum case and 58 diamonds (approx. 3.63 carats) cut on the frame and lugs (about 3.63 carats) are particularly attractive to some customers.

These three models all use the same movement. This watch is produced and designed by Patek Philippe. CH 29-535 PS Q. Manual winding, the movement has a 65-hour power reserve, if it has power A reserve indicator (such as the back of the movement), that would be great. Even without a backup power indicator, the CH 29-535ps Q is a very cute device, and fortunately it can be seen through the sapphire crystal window on the back of the watch.

As a modern Patek Philippe watch with a Gyromax balance wheel (not really new), it lacks some of the more interesting spiral silicon components of the new Patek Philippe watch. This is a deliberate decision, because brands such as Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches are still on the sidelines of how they want to deal with silicon components. While the use of silicon parts in mechanical motion has many significant performance advantages, it is still controversial about how easy it is to manufacture silicon parts in the future and how long the silicon parts will last. Some purists even believe that silicon parts have no place in the “traditional” mechanical watch movement.

Operating at 4Hz (28,800 bph), the movement is beautifully hand-finished and should satisfy even the most discerning watch sports snobbery. This movement consists of 456 parts. Its execution is purely classic, without any decorative or avant-garde design elements. This is the purest form of conservatism in Swiss watches, and it is our expectation for Patek Philippe.

The decorative elements on the Patek Philippe 5270 or 5271 case are secondary, but they do exist. Note, for example, that the slightly flared lugs add a little more to the overall design. There are also more moving rectangular and round chronograph putters. Patek Philippe also ensures that the 18k watch is given a creamy, rather than mirror-finished finish to ensure that the watch’s appearance is elegant and decorative. Attached to the Patek Philippe 5270 and 5271 watches is a black crocodile leather strap with a Patek Philippe logo buckle on the unfolded strap. Don’t go swimming with them because the box can only be waterproof for 30 meters.

For many watch enthusiasts, watches such as Patek Philippe 5270G or 5271P represent a high point in design and taste. For others, they represent an elegant history, and given the more avant-garde design of other brands, it now feels boring. Having said that, no one walked into the store of Patek Philippe looking for anything avant-garde or artistic. Having one of them is buying history, just as you invest in timeless design, these designs will still attract a lot of people for a long time after you die – this is the theme of Patek Philippe. Understanding Patek Philippe as a brand is the starting point for helping people understand watches such as the Patek Philippe 5270. In other words, it is more modern with a 41mm wide case size and a cute look. If you have the resources, this is one of the best Patek Philippe watches. The Patek Philippe 5270G is priced at $176,300 and the Patek Philippe 5271P-001 inlaid diamond retails for $280,000.