Two highly sophisticated steel “sports” watches from Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches are the brand’s flagship product in the 2014 Baselworld edition. People are more interested in Patek’s steel watches because they have historically been eager to appreciate because of their rarity. Today, you don’t often find the complex Patek Philippe steel clocks, so the advent of two new watches has made collectors a little excited. Today, we will experience the 5960/1A calendar.

At the Baselworld 2014 show, we spent some time here discussing the new steel version of the 5960. In that article, you can read more about the history of the 5960 series and why this family is so important to Fake Patek Philippe Watches. In short, when the 5960 series debuted in 2006, it marked the first time in-house automated timekeeping – except for the Platinum Edition. Interestingly, this new 5960/1a watch seems to mark the end of all gold or platinum 5960 watches that will be produced, “replaces” the watch described by Patek Philippe.

Thus, the end of the precious metal era, in the 5960s, picked up the era of high-grade steel. Also, it is a good idea to introduce steel with such a wonderful new dial. I am not always the biggest fan of Patek Philippe Replica Watches, but I will give praise in the place of praise. Here, we found a silvery white face with a red accent, and those wonderful black oxidized white prime time markers and hands. I always take this opportunity to mention my appreciation of the white watch. Patek is very focused on emphasizing readability and appeal.

The white dial is about high contrast when you want to do it right. Black or dark hands and styluses are a must – and they are difficult to use correctly in many cases. However, Patek Philippe’s special technology in oxidizing white gold makes it very effective to create crisp, matte black elements that are both good-looking and provide excellent dial-reading. The black and white dial, with two red chronograph hands, forms a highly modern dial that is different from Patek Philippe’s timepieces.

Patek Philippe first demonstrated such black gold oxide hands and chronograph pens in 2011 with reference to the 52.7 million annual calendar chronograph (which is personally experienced here). It turns out that this watch is very popular, and since then, it seems that at least one new Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches appears on this watch every year. In 2014, we bought the 5960, which really changed the look of the watch – it has always proved to be a controversial design. In my opinion, this is by far the most interesting and compelling 5960 watch.

When asked about Patek Philippe’s intent behind the design of the new dial, we only thought of the goal of Patek Philippe President Thierry Stern to produce more watches that appealed to young people. It is clear that few modern Patek’s appeal to new (age or status) wealthy people resonates with Patek’s management. Indeed, with the exception of models like the Nouris, few Patek Philippe Replica models fit the positive lifestyle you think.

The dial of the 5960/1A is almost ethnic in nature. It is the kind of watch that you don’t need to wear a suit or dress. This watch is 40.5 mm wide and not too big, but it is completely within the reach of people under 50. Even the numbers and fonts used on the dial are much more modern than the Patek. We appreciate this.

I encourage you to check the dialing carefully because many small details are impressive. This is one of Patek Philippe’s watches with a lume on the dial. There are lume points on the hourly minute scale, and there are also glow points on the hour and minute hands. I am also particularly keen on designing applications and faceted time stamps.

Unless you know exactly what the 5960/1A is, it’s hard to recognize that it’s a steel watch. Thanks to the name Patek Philippe on the dial, the high degree of mirror finish on the case and bracelet is not surprising, but it looks like white gold compared to many steel cases. You will find that many of today’s steel watches are contrasted with polished and brushed surfaces. For the 5960/1A Patek Philippe decided to go purely classic and traditional with a completely polished situation. More importantly, the five-ring steel bracelet adds to the sportiness of the design and adds a character to the watch, which disappears if it only matches a standard strap.

Inside the watch is Patek Philippe’s internal manufacturing and long-named CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H automatic movement. As can be seen from the rear of the cabinet, this movement has many of Patek Philippe’s most modern features, including a gyro balance wheel and a spiral hair clip. At 28,800 bph (4hz) operating frequency, this motion performs well in terms of timing performance. It also consists of 456 parts, including the basic mobile and calendar modules. Not that the basic movement includes an integrated chronograph and the automatic rotor is in 21k yellow gold.

The 5960/1A table does a lot of things in terms of functionality. Considering the seven different functions offered by this watch, this dial can be said to be simple. In addition to a full 12-hour time using a subsidiary with two hand dials, the annual calendar with independent windows date, month, week, day and night indicator form with white or blue small window, and power reserve indicator (total power reserve at 45 – Between 55 hours). There is an insert pusher on one side of the chassis to adjust the calendar information.

In general, if you want to buy a complex and versatile Patek Philippe, the 2014 Patek Philippe calendar 5960/1A watch is a very cute thing. Despite its steel status, the watch is still priced and priced. Also, considering that this is not one of the more standard models, I don’t think the availability will be that high. The price is $54,800.