I yell, you yell, we all shouted for steel Patek! Even the casual watch lovers may realize the importance of this famous watch Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches launched two new complex steel watches. We show you the new 5960 calendar chronometer, but now it’s time to check out my favorite Patek Philippe’s new dual core, 5990 Nautilus. Combined with the 5,164 double-time zone complication of the 5164 Seabed Observer, the 5990 provides an attractive and versatile package for both sports complications from the largest name of a watch.

Still known for its 40.5 mm iconic design of Nautilus, each unique shape was used in 5990 to improve the complications of the user interface. Of course, the chronograph relies on the direct manifestation of the standard, with the crown tightened on the side, but the double-time zone forward or backward button functions are integrated to the left.

This familiar nautilus hit is actually two buttons. Travel hand jumps every time you press a button, you can easily place your destination local time, or just hide in the main hour hand when you don’t need to track another time zone.

In addition to the easy-to-use controls and unique design, you will also display the day and night signs for the time zone and date at 12 o’clock. The 60-minute six-point accumulator placement and dialing of the chronograph promotes excellent legibility display, and a greater balance than you expect for such a complex watch. The disc itself is black at the edges, but will become warm to the center of the gray tone. Platinum application markers and horizontal segmentation design, the dial is well mixed and the multi-faceted Nautilus use case design.

The steel Nautilus bracelet is the most impressive bracelet I have ever seen. Beautifully crafted with smooth edges, brushed, polished mirrored center links, bracelets work perfectly blended to complete the situation and really complete the steel aesthetic of 5990. Beautiful tapered folding buckle, I like to watch the submarine observer Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches composite belt, 5990 looks amazing bracelet.

Combined with two complications calling for a new caliber, the 5990 was run at Patek Philippe Replica Watches new CH 28-520 C for automatic sports. With 34 jewels, 370 components and 55 hours of power reserve, this new caliber boasts cylindrical gears and a dedicated disk clutch chronograph as well as Gyromax balance. Running at 4 Hz, CH 28 – 520 C pay can be seen through the 5990 sapphire caseback display.

All of the above elements are gathered in a very attractive and unique special wrist bag (maybe not surprisingly, this is a Patek Philippe). Thanks to the size of the visit and the design of the bracelet, the comfort is excellent and you will definitely not forget that you wear Fake Patek Philippe Watches and less steel nautilus. If you read this article, it feels like you like the 5980 chronograph, it is time to give your dealer, because 5990 will replace 5980, ending its 8 year production run.

The chronograph and time dual function, made in 5990 the same powerful case practical versatility is possible from the $57,300 watch. Really, the price shouldn’t be weird, 5990 will almost certainly be a very popular Patek Philippe watch in the next few years and may make it the way in many watchnerd holy grail lists. 5990, plus other new steel brothers 5960, shows that Patek Philippe Replica is taking their steel watch products seriously, although we predict that it will be a very limited two of these new models that are willing to work with real mass market and watch watch enthusiasts Appeal.