In the Patek philharmonic chronograph family, Ref.5004 very iconic and representative, is the favorite of watch collectors, for its inventory, I believe we have waited can not wait.

Patek Philippe Chronograph Chronograph Ref.5004
Ref.5004 and Ref.3970 look similar, but the former is genuine double-chaser chronograph. The Ref.5004 case is still 36mm in diameter and has itself become a standalone collection by adding the double-chase timing module to the Lemania caliber to enhance technical and functional depth.

Patek Philippe calendar chronograph Ref.5004 equipped with the movement
The integration of the perpetual calendar and the double-chasing timing mechanism is a challenge and an undertaking so Ref.5004 is also considered as one of the most important best luxury replica watches models in modern times. Ref.5004 was introduced in 1996 and it is estimated that it produces only 12 pieces per year until 2012, when Ref.5204, with its own movement, is replaced. As we know, the material Ref.5004 covers a variety of metals, now the most sought after is the early black dial platinum models.
Ultimate Ref.5004
It can be said that each Ref.5004 are the ultimate models. If you want to separate the level, the first thought must be Ref.5004A, are familiar with Patek Philippe all know the letter “A” refers to the “stainless steel case.” In November 2011, there are rumors that Patek Philippe will create the last 50 pieces of Ref.5004 stainless steel, the collection industry is crazy. Ref.5004 stainless steel models priced at more than 300,000 US dollars, the end of the table engraved with the owner’s name to curb the flow of second-hand. But it did not work, because it was not long before we saw the stainless steel version Ref.5004 at the auction.

Patek Philippe calendar chronograph Ref.5004 stainless steel models
For example, as shown in the picture above, the auctioneer produced $ 409,000 in Christie’s Hong Kong. In theory, the stainless steel Ref.5004 is a cool Patek Philippe watch, but releasing more than 50 pieces of stainless steel to meet the needs of customers is inevitably inflamed by Patek Philippe’s veteran players, some even feeling it anger. Consider, Ref.5004 production cycle is 15 years (1996-2011), with an average annual output of 12, a total of 180. Now, more than 50 pieces of stainless steel suddenly appear on the market, more than any other single piece of metal.

Patek Philippe calendar chronograph Ref.5004T titanium models
Of course, there are other special models Ref.5004, as with a unique dial, or even the original metal bracelet. Ref.5004, truly unique, only Patek Philippe 2013 Only Watch charity auction to create orphan titanium models, the final price of this watch reached 3.98 million US dollars, beyond the Eric Clapton Ref. 2499.

Patek Philippe Chronograph Chronograph Ref.5970
Some people will Ref.5970 called Patek Philippe best watch, some people think it is perfect, well-balanced, others say it is Patek Philippe watch the ultimate chapter of excellence. Ref.5970 was started in 2004 and was discontinued in 2011 with Ref.5270, a self-made movement, which lasted only seven years. It is also the shortest model in the Patek Philippe calendar chronograph. Ref.5970 case diameter of 40 mm, more modern, larger size dial incorporates the tachometer scale, with a completely different appearance of the previous model makes it particularly outstanding. Like Ref.3970 and Ref.5020, Ref.5970 features Lemania base movement. As the case diameter increases, so many people will say, compared to the early petite Ref.3970, Ref.5970 application balance wheel is better.

Patek Philippe calendar chronograph Ref.5970 equipped with the movement
Ref.5970 clear, the application of four metal materials, the highest price of platinum models, but also the most sought after. There is also argument, Ref.5970J (gold models) is the rarest. Ref.5970 dial is not much change, only Tiffany logo version and occasional special customized version. Patek Philippe Ref.5970 Probably one of the safest investment watches. 2005 New York Magazine has published an article asking whether Ref.5970G true value of 89,600 US dollars (then price), and today the same watch in the secondary market price is 145,000 US dollars, Ref. 5970 at least and gold The same value.

Patek Philippe calendar chronograph Ref.5970J champagne dial models
Pictured above, the champagne Ref.5970J made $ 353,000 on Christie’s New York in December 2013 for its unique rare dial. Yes, just because of the difference in dial color, this champagne dial Ref.5970J is 200,000 more expensive than regular models. Rose gold, platinum and gold models of the price of about 130,000 ~ 150,000 US dollars, the platinum section will be 175,000 US dollars. Ref.5970 prices for all materials are steadily rising. In May 2013, a Platinum Ref.5970 was auctioned at a Christie’s Geneva auction for $ 217,000.
Ultimate Ref.5970

Patek Philippe Chronograph Chronograph Ref.5970
Is there any Ultimate Ref.5970? Again, each one is the ultimate Ref. 5970 although there is no similar stainless steel (Ref. 1518) or titanium (Ref. 5004). Next, to introduce an interesting story about Ref.5970, Patek Philippe replica diamond collectors should all be heard, but the details are not well known to everyone – that’s one (as mentioned in Ref.2499) Eric Clapton Ref.5970 watch. At the 2011 Italian Grand Prix, Eric Clapton wore a watch of white metal, Breguet digital dial. Although the specific details blurring difficult to distinguish, but it is undoubtedly a Ref.5970, and the dial and the production version varies.

Eric Clapton (pictured right) at the 2011 F1 Italia Grand Prix
In any case, Ref.5970 is called the pinnacle of modern watch collection, the introduction of the Patek Philippe calendar chronograph so far. The Ref.5270 and Ref.5204 with their own movement are still in production, and this article is not going to be introduced. It is precisely because of this, Patek Philippe calendar chronograph legend is not over.

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